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  • Active COVID treatments
  • Preventive COVID treatments
  • Preventive refill options
  • Exemption Letters
  • Long COVID Treatments
  • Vaccinosis (Vaccine Injury) Treatments
  • Concierge Wellness treatments
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Dr. Ryan D. Partovi
Chief Medical Officer


Practical understanding of genetics and the body's biochemical individuality are the keys to unlocking many of its innate healing powers. Such understanding enables the knowledgeable and experienced physician to treat the individual causes, not the universal symptoms, of disease to affect core wellness on the path to maximizing health and longevity over the lifespan.

Whether you are interested in optimizing your health via a personalized nutrition, exercise, and supplementation strategy based on the latest work of Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, or plan to use our resources to assist you in fighting a chronic disease, Dr. Ryan Darius Partovi is ready to help.

Dr. Partovi blends the best of evidence-based, natural medicine with state-of-the-art diagnostics and proprietary software personally written by Dr. D'Adamo to develop a genetically tailored treatment plan specific for each patient. Dr. Partovi has over ten years of experience studying and working with Dr. D'Adamo's work.

Dr. Partovi takes special pride in the level of follow-up care and support provided to his patients. His goal is always to treat his patients as he himself would wish to be treated, and he accepts only as many patients as allow him to maintain his standards.

Enjoy the website, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Partovi!