Personalized Weight Loss

Personalized Wellness Plans

Dr. Partovi believes that true wellness is achieved through prevention, not reaction. But what does that mean, and why is that not being achieved in today's "healthcare" system? The answer is simply that in the modern "healthcare" system, if the insurance companies don't pay for it, most doctors aren't likely to recommend it.

Dr. Partovi is different in that he is focused on one goal — to deliver the highest quality, personalized care to his patients. This goal is achieved through our four different membership plans that provide access to the latest in personalized nutrition and physician-only, pharmaceutical-grade nutraceutical supplementation; one of world's few experts in the emerging specialties of personalized clinical nutrition, generative medicine, and environmental medicine; and a practice-wide commitment to supporting patients along their path toward achieving optimal wellness.

Our membership plans are based on a preventive, "wellness-based insurance" model starting at a mere $250/mo with a 1-year commitment to the your health. This monthly wellness plan includes:

  1. An "Essentials" Nutraceutical Protocol ($230 value) that is the physician-personalized foundation of any optimum wellness protocol, including a custom multivitamin/mineral, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), individualized probiotics, and a Superfood sprouts formula.

  2. A bank of time every year for doctor visits. The basic plan includes 1 hour, and there are expanded plans that include 3 annual hours, 6 annual hours, and an "unlimited" concierge plan for those who would like to make Dr. Partovi their personal physician. Unused time is rolled over into the next year as long as the patient stays on the same plan. Patients are always encouraged to email questions before their visits to ensure the best use of their minutes.

  3. A minimum 5% discount on any additional necessary nutraceuticals that scales upward with each plan to 7.5%, 10%, and 20%, with an additional 5% off of additional nutraceuticals for patients who order their entire protocol at least 3 months at a time.
Additional visit time beyond the included hours is billed in 15-minute increments at a rate depending on your plan—starting at $90, then decreasing to $82.50, $75, and FREE with the unlimited plan.

We are also offering a referral incentive program. Current patients who refer new patients to the clinic who then become patients (i.e., sign onto one of the monthly plans) as well as the new patients themselves will each receive a choice of either half an hour of extra time for doctor's visits or a $50 gift certificate for use on additional nutraceuticals.

The Total Monthly Value for each plan is considerably higher than the rates charged, and each plan represents a considerable discount over the standard rates with the better plans representing better values, not to mention the increasing discounts on additional nutraceuticals, the additional 5% off for patients who order their whole protocol at least 3 months at a time, or the additional referral credits.

For the most recent information regarding the real value of each plan, pricing, and respective discounts, please contact us.

What makes Dr. Partovi different?

At your first visit with Dr. Partovi, you will meet with one of the world's experts in the emerging fields of personalized clinical nutrition, generative medicine, and environmental medicine — well-informed by the latest innovations in medical science. Dr. Partovi's dedication to spending the time necessary with each patient to ensure that their concerns are heard and that the doctor has all of the information that he needs to make a complete, fully-informed assessment and diagnosis, as well as to formulate the optimal treatment plan for you will ensure a uniquely positive healthcare experience.

With Dr. Partovi, you will always have a knowledgeable and friendly physician just a phone call away. He is always learning about the latest innovations in medicine and wellness care, which enables us to detect various illnesses and disease processes at their earliest stages. You deserve to have the highest confidence in your healthcare providers, which is only one reason why you should consult with Dr. Partovi for your wellness care.