Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover treatments?

Each policy is different; however, many insurance companies are now covering natural medicine and see the added benefit of preventive care and establishing health and wellness. Most plans cover lab costs regardless of the ordering provider. In most cases, PPO plans cover our services as an Out-of-Network Provider, and you can use flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts to pay for our services and treatments. We will provide a complimentary check with your insurance company to see if your policy covers natural medical care.

Does the practice handle my insurance claim?

While fees for services and treatments are due at the time that they are rendered, we recognize and respect the desire of our patients to get the absolute most out of their healthcare dollars.  Thus, as a courtesy to our patients, after payment in full is received, we will submit a claim to your insurance company on your behalf.  The reimbursement will be sent directly to you from your insurance company in the form of a check.

How can I prepare for my visit?

There are a few recommendations for a successful visit:

  1. Download and complete patient forms and scan and email or fax them into us along with copies of any relevant laboratory tests (anything over 3 years, unless it helped establish a diagnosis, is probably not relevant) as soon as possible, so we can schedule your visit.
  2. Have a small index card on which you have listed your major reasons for seeking the doctor's care can be helpful.
  3. Be organized!  Try to keep focused; time spent on trivial concerns takes away precious time for the important issues.

How can I pay for my visit?

In addition to personal checks via PayPal, we accept all major credit cards.

What is Dr. Partovi's policy on phone calls with questions?

We will attempt to answer phone questions which are pertinent to any health issues discussed at your last visit.  If your questions require the doctor's involvement, they are considered to be remote consults and are charged at the doctor's usual rate. For long-distance patients who want to evaluate their case via the phone or Internet, we do provide extended phone consultations by appointment.